Delicious Brownie Dessert S Recipe

Chocolate soup with brownie croutons and mousse dessert

Chocolate soup with brownie croutons and mousse dessert

It's easy to learn how to make brownie dessert . brownie dessert is one of my favorite menu.

How to make brownie dessert easily?

In this recipe you will discover the simplest yet most flavourful way to make the brownie dessert ! Whether you're cooking for a small family dinner or a daytime potluck, follow these easy steps for some excellent bites!

Ingredients :

  • 300 grams milk or dark chocolate
  • 300 ml whipping cream
  • Brownie pieces
  • Optional: mint leaves

Step :

  1. For soup: Warm 100 ml of whipping cream add 100 gms of milk chocolate stir until completely mixed, let it chill.
  2. For a quick mousse take 200 gms dark or milk chocolate, melt it gently and add it to 100 ml of whipped cream
  3. Put the mousse in edible chocolate cup, pour the chocolate soup in the dish and add the brownie croutons (pieces) in the soup.
  4. Optional: You can also add mint leaves while making the chocolate soup for a mint chocolate flavor.

That's brownie dessert recipes, Special thanks to diaa.ww for making this delicious recipe.