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Making Ground Beef S Recipe

Pacholas (Mexican ground beef)

Pacholas (Mexican ground beef)

It's easy to learn how to make ground beef . ground beef is one of my favorite menu.

How to make ground beef easily?

In this recipe you will discover the simplest yet most flavourful way to make the ground beef ! Whether you're cooking for a small family dinner or a daytime potluck, follow these easy steps for some excellent bites!

Ingredients :

  • Pacholas
  • 300 grams ground beef
  • 2 pasilla peppers
  • 1 ancho peppers (chile ancho)
  • 1/2 onion, chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 100 ml milk
  • 200 grams bread

Step :

  1. Remove the seeds and roast/toast the peppers a bit in the grill. Do not burn them!
  2. Cut the bread in tiny pieces (smaller than croutons) and soak them in a little bit of milk. It should be wet and will eventually tear up.
  3. Chop the roasted peppers, the onion and the garlic.
  4. Mix all ingredients in step 3 with the soaked (and squezed) bread. You can use the blender but I like to go more manual...
  5. When you have a thick mix, add the meat and mix all together.
  6. Create thin ovals/circles of the meat/pepper mixture using the tortilla maker (or just the hands.)
  7. Fry them in hot oil. It will take about 1:30 minutes to cook each (45 seconds each side.)
  8. For your own health, drain/dry the oil from fried pacholas with paper towels.
  9. Serve with salad or with green onions (recipe below.)

That's ground beef recipes, Special thanks to Jack Fermon for making this delicious recipe.